“Empowerment For Prosperity”


This training is designed to provide basic knowledge about etawa goat farming, both theoretically and practically.


This training is also designed to provide an overview and potential investment in the etawa goat farming business, so as to minimize the risks arising from the livestock business, and gain technical farming skills to be able to develop the livestock business as a business/business option. With the support of facilitators and resource persons who are reliable practitioners of Etawa breeders and livestock academies, this training will be very effective in producing successful Etawa breeders.


  • Gain basic knowledge of etawa goat farming to start a profitable livestock business.
  • Gain practical skills to start an etawa goat farming business.
  • Gain knowledge about the potential and analysis of the etawa goat breeding business.


Dr.Hanggoro Susanto,SP.MM and Team Pradja


Participants are employees and retirees both private/PNS, entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture or animal husbandry, agricultural/livestock officers delegates from Provincial or District/City Services, academics and the general public