“Empowerment For Prosperity”

Organic Farm

We provide the finest quality of coconut derivatives products with a local resources empowerment and healthier choice of food alternatives. Some of our products have been organic certified.

When it all begin

Since 2014, Koperasi Wanita Srikandi has been very committed to empower local resources and farmers to increase their economy. Purworejo Central Java-Indonesia, as our home base is very well known for the coconut trees in all over of our area.

With strong will and our desire to developing more, we expand into PT.Pradja Agro Indoland which will have a wider business scope without forgetting our roots. Pradja Agro Indoland is the Indonesian manufacture and export company of organic coconut derivatives products.

We decide to increase our farmer’s quality products with giving them sustainable training, tools and accompaniment. We registering our farmers to be a member of Organic Certification from 208 farmers as initial in 2015, never stop growing since then until now we have almost 2008 member of Organics farmers in year of 2020.

processing unit
years experience

our vision

Pradja Agro Indoland is the Indonesian manufacture and export company of organic coconut derivatives products. In accordance of our motto,

“Empowerment For Prosperity”

our Mission


Increasing Human Resources of Farmer Members & the Local Community.


Increasing Local Farmers Cooperation with Government & Private Company.


Increasing Local Community Marketing by Building Networks.

organic, all-natural

organic coconut sugar

Pradja Coconut Sugar (also called coconut palm sugar or coconut crystals) has become a popular alternative to white sugar due to its flavour and perceived health benefits. It’s also viewed as being more natural, or less highly processed, than table sugar. According to Nutrition Research Institute, coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index (35) than white sugar (60 to 65), meaning it doesn’t spike your blood glucose and insulin like table sugar does. Glycemic index values of 55 or less are considered low; values of 70 or more are high.


organic coconut syrup

Pradja Coconut Blossom Syrup is ready to be launched worldwide and is looking for a distribution partner who could strategically bring it to market, both on a wholesale and retail level.

Fresh, Exotic

With a preservative-free, patent-pending production scheme and a “limitless” production capacity, this premium, certified organic syrup is positioned to become a leading favourite food product of health-conscious businesses and consumers. Harvested in Central Java–Indonesia, Pradja Coconut Nectar Syrup is a healthy alternative sweetener (with an extra low glycaemic and plenty of vitamins and minerals) that is ready for mass distribution and private label branding.

Entertainment & Events

We specialize in arranging business-events. We can help you to dive into your work without a care. Your meeting should be successful, no matter what you aim for.

Our big conference Stonehenge Hall is outfitted with state-of-the-art technical facilities. It is perfect for top level negotiations or board of directors meetings.

The thermal baths are a magnificent, internationally known architectural masterpiece. SPA baths are classified as a listed building shortly after completion. The unique atmosphere and the highly mineralised water that comes out of our mountain spring at a pleasant 22° Celsius makes the time you spend in the baths a deeply relaxing experience.
Treat yourself to a revitalizing ESPA treatment at our spa.

Spa / Wellness Center

Weddings / Celebrations

On this most special of all days, may you be blessed in countless ways – our wedding organisation will help you to make your wedding being beautiful and stress free. With faith and love and lots of hope, and all the things which help you cope!

Our magnificent venue is also very much fit for hosting any kind of  celebrations and events

Pradja Agro Indoland’s origins date back to 2009, when founder Sri Susilowati had just founded “KUB Mitra Sejahtera”. She founded it with the intention of utilising Purworejo coconut farmers agricultural splendour to produce premium coconut derivatives and started to made home industry on his property. Within eight years, the project flourished into a fully-fledged export business, delivering premium quality coconut derivatives products to local market chains and franchises, and major buyers across Sri Lanka and Australia.


when it all started

Indonesian trade business license and organic certificate is officially issued


organic certification

USDA, NOP, EU and MUI Halal are officially issued. First export to Sri Lanka and Australia.



FDA certificate submitted. First time export to India and Russia.


when it all begin

PT.Pradja Agro Indoland was officially established.                                  


quality certification

HACCP certificated are submitted and officially issued

on progress

Product Certificate
Certified Farmers
Farmers on Certification Process


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