“Empowerment For Prosperity”

Company Profile

We provide the finest quality of coconut derivatives products with a local resources empowerment and healthier choice of food alternatives. Some of our products have been organic certified.

Natural Product

organic farm

Since 2014, Koperasi Wanita Srikandi has been very committed to empower local resources and farmers to increase their economy. Purworejo Central Java-Indonesia, as our home base is very well known for the coconut trees in all over of our area.

With strong will and our desire to developing more, we expand into PT.Pradja Agro Indoland which will have a wider business scope without forgetting our roots. Pradja Agro Indoland is the Indonesian manufacture and export company of organic coconut derivatives products.

We decide to increase our farmer’s quality products with giving them sustainable training, tools and accompaniment. We registering our farmers to be a member of Organic Certification from 208 farmers as initial in 2015, never stop growing since then until now we have almost 2008 member of Organics farmers in year of 2020.

KamEt 2
Training & Provider

Livestock Farm

As of January 1, 2022 PT PRADJA has developed a business unit for raising etawa goats and metal cattle.

Business units were developed in several villages in the Districts of Kaligesing, Donorejo, Sumongari, Pandanrejo and Tawangsari.

In the future it will be centered in Pandanrejo Village by setting up a centralized cattle shed, with a capacity of approximately 300 head.

Construction Consultant

Developer Property

Our commitment, responsiveness, and respectability are why many networks over Purworejo pick PT.Pradja Agro Indoland to deal with their properties and works with a wide range of properties.

We likewise have an extraordinary aptitude for working with complex networks with huge spending plans and offering various enhancements to their occupants. Likewise, we oversee business affiliations and blended-use advancements, just as multi-family and financial specialists claimed rental and REO properties for institutional and private value customers.


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